Our Philosophy & Evaluation Criteria

In our minds, reviewing gambling sites and online casinos comes with a lot of responsibility. We aim to provide valuable opinions and in-depth analyses of these platforms to ensure your comfort when playing and depositing money.

Strict Evaluation Methods and Philosophy

Our in-house evaluation methods and overarching philosophy are very strict, focusing on honesty and objectivity. We aim to ensure that all our reviews are 100% honest and brutally objective, helping you easily find the best online casinos in the UK.

Transparency for the Community

Our goal is complete transparency with our community, allowing you to rely on our opinion when choosing a platform to play on. This page covers the evaluation criteria and methodology we use for every review and playtest.

Differential Evaluation for Different Platforms

We emphasize that evaluation methods vary depending on the platform. Criteria differ for online slot sites, betting sites, and online casinos, focusing on specifics relevant to players.

Summary of Evaluation Methods and Philosophy

We provide a comprehensive summary of our evaluation methods alongside our philosophy, applicable to all criteria considered.

Achievement & Award System

Apart from reviews and testing, we utilize our ‘Achievement’ and ‘Award’ systems to highlight certain platform aspects and achievements.

Explanation of Awards

We explain each award, including ‘Personal Favorite’, ‘Safe and Secure’, ‘Gaming Hub’, ‘Fast Payment Processing’, ‘Multiple Platforms’, ‘High-Roller Friendly’, ‘Generous Bonuses’, and ‘Helpful Support’.

User Experience Philosophy

Our philosophy prioritizes user experience, acknowledging its significance in driving the gambling community forward.

Casino Policies Evaluation

We meticulously evaluate casino policies to ensure player-friendliness, particularly focusing on terms related to deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses.

Game Selection & Quality Assessment

We assess game selection and software quality to ensure a fulfilling player experience, focusing on well-polished games from reputable developers.

Customer Support Standards

We maintain strict standards when evaluating customer support, emphasizing the importance of responsiveness and multiple support channels.

Licence, History & Background Consideration

We consider a platform’s background, history, and licence to ensure recommendations of fully licenced operators with transparent practices.

Platform-Specific Criteria

In addition to general criteria, we consider platform-specific aspects like ‘Available Slot Types’ and ‘Manual Flush Availability’.

By Gamblers for Gamblers

We strive for honesty, transparency, and objective critiques, aiming to create a real gambling community with reviews written by gamblers for gamblers.