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We won and lost on all the casino sites listed on this website to bring you the best offers on the web!

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Are You Looking for Trustworthy Casino Sites in the UK?

Your search is over. Our expert reviewers have tested and ranked the absolute best online casinos that the UK has to offer!


This is How We Did It:

betting sites uk

  1. We signed up, deposited our money, and claimed bonuses.
  2. We played every type of game and evaluated them based on our strict criteria.
  3. We tested compatibility on multiple devices and platforms.
  4. We evaluated security, payment methods, withdrawal times, and customer support.
  5. And finally, we wrote our reviews.
We believe that every online player deserves a safe and secure online gambling environment, and that is exactly what we aim to provide here at We create unbiased and honest reviews of the UK’s best online casino platforms so you can easily find the top sites in the industry. With no external interference, our ratings and reviews are made independently by our team of expert reviewers and gamblers. Additionally, all of the operators on our site are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission so they can be trusted to offer a fair and safe platform. We accept compensation from operators that advertise on our pages, which may affect their positioning. Also, we regularly update this list in order to bring you the newest and best gambling platforms. However, we cannot review every operator on the market.


The Review Criteria We Used to Determine These Scores

Finding the best online casinos in the UK isn’t easy. With so many choices available, you need a way to find trustworthy casinos quickly and safely. Our expert reviewers make the choice easier by putting casino sites to the test through a suite of highly scrutinised objective analyses. Our in-depth evaluation protocol stress-tests all the essential factors so we can ensure that the choices we present are the right ones for you. We do the testing so you don’t have to.

The review methodology we follow takes a wide range of important factors into account:

  • User Experience
  • Bonuses & Free Play
  • Software & Game Developers
  • Language & Country Support
  • RNG Proof for Games
  • Casino Licence
  • History & Founding Year
  • Customer Support & Support Channels
  • Security
  • Payment & Withdrawal Policies

Our team of expert reviewers conducts hands-on evaluations of online casinos and gives appropriate scores for each factor. Since online casinos tend to operate in a similar fashion, the casinos on our list pass most basic tests with flying colours. This means we are particularly strict when it comes to variances in critical factors such as site security and payment policies.

Set your mind at ease and enjoy playing. Let us worry about finding you a reliable casino.

User Experience

When reviewing an online casino, UK gambling site, slot site or anything in between, our testers take great pains to rate the overall user experience. This aspect of the evaluation may seem subjective, but certain quantitative, objective features influence the user experience significantly. Factors such as customer support, software quality, game-loading speed, and menu organization have a big impact on the player experience. For a casino to earn top marks from our reviewers, it must offer a high-quality user experience.

Scores for user experience take into account our own experiences testing and playing at the casinos as well as relevant aspects of some other evaluation criteria.

Bonuses & Free Play

Bonuses at online casinos have a special allure – who doesn’t like free money? Gambling sites offer a variety of bonuses and free-play options to new players; however, these bonuses are never as straightforward as they seem.

Casino sites are very clever with money, including bonuses and free-play offers. These sites would not last long if they actually gave players free money. Yes, you can place some free bets. You might even score a big win. But this eventuality is calculated and taken into account in casino policies. Online casinos generally require you to ‘roll over’ your winnings 30 or even 60 times the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw funds. That’s why we don’t automatically assign higher ratings to casinos that offer more or larger bonuses. We also evaluate roll-over and withdrawal policies.

Software & Game Developers

An online casino’s quality is mostly determined by the caliber of the games it offers. Even new casino sites offer a wide range of top-quality titles. That’s because most of the games you find in an online casino are licensed from a small list of software-development companies specializing in casino gaming. This lets casino operators give players exciting experiences with great visuals, fun gameplay, and high reliability – because they don’t actually develop the games themselves.

While our reviewers note with favorability a high number of games, they are more interested in the number of high-quality titles. Our testing protocol requires them to look at the abundance of top-quality titles from reputable developers and reserve the highest marks for the casinos that offer not the most, but the best games.

This part of our hands-on British online casino evaluation process takes into account factors such as visual quality, mobile support, sound quality, and overall software quality, since these factors directly impact player experience.

Language & Country Support

People all over the world enjoy online gambling, and many prefer to gamble at UK sites because they are secure, reliable, well-established, and highly regulated. In general, our reviewers award high marks to sites that support a wide range of language choices and currency support for multiple countries. The best casino sites in the UK are those that offer their games to people all over the world. Casinos that accept multiple currencies rate higher too, as they simplify deposits and withdrawals for international users.

RNG Proof for Games

No one wants to play a rigged game. When an online casino offers a game of chance, you want to know that the cards are shuffled into random order, the dice will turn up random faces, and the slot machines will deliver random results. It is randomness that makes a game of chance fair.

In the online gaming world, fairness is supported by random number generators that developers use to determine the game’s behavior. Top casinos display information about the random number generators embedded in the online games they offer. This information is provided on a per-game basis, and it’s one of the ways to compare casinos: Which offers more information about the RNGs employed by a higher percentage of games?

Casino Licence

Licensure establishes that an online casino has been evaluated by regulatory agencies and satisfied government requirements for online gambling businesses. Casinos take your money, sometimes a lot of it, and licensure is a guarantee of ongoing government oversight.

Licensure is such an important issue that we consider it essential. If a casino’s licensing status is ambiguous or questionable, we neither recommend that casino nor even list it on this website. To put it another way, every site listed here complies with licensure and regulatory requirements.

We rate casinos higher when licensure information is listed prominently on the site – when the provided information is complete and easy to find.

History & Founding Year

Playing at new online casinos is a great way to take advantage of amazing bonus deals designed to build an audience of loyal game players quickly. However, it takes time to shake the bugs out of a new casino operation. In general, established casinos provide a superior gaming experience. That’s not always true – some of the best casinos we’ve visited have been new. But as a general rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong choosing a casino that has been around a while.

Our in-depth review of casino sites includes inspection of the casino’s history of legal infractions, regulatory problems, and user complaints. Every casino’s history has at least a few blemishes. We evaluate how quickly and effectively site operators address problems and make things right.

Customer Support

Customer support is a key element of the user experience at any online casino. That’s why we subject UK casinos to in-depth customer support testing. You are entrusting real money to these operations. It is essential, therefore, that customer support be provided quickly and effectively, preferably through multiple channels: telephone, email, live chat, and more. We are particularly diligent in this part of our evaluation.

Fast response, multiple channels, a wide range of services, and a friendly attitude are what we look for when evaluating customer support. We want to recommend only the best casino sites in the UK, and it is vital for us that you get the best support if the need arises when playing on any of the sites we feature.

Payment & Withdrawal Policies

To get the best ratings, online casinos must provide a variety of simple payment methods and reasonable withdrawal policies. These policies must be clear so you can knowledgeably accept them before playing.

How to Choose the Best Casino for You

Choosing the right online casino can be simple if you use our reviews and apply these principles in your decision process.

Choose Your Preferred Type of Casino

Online casinos in the UK come in three forms – mobile-only casinos, browser casinos, and online casinos with a downloadable client. Mobile casinos may be available for only certain platforms, and web-based casinos may require a certain browser or the installation of plug-ins. The platform doesn’t impact your chances of winning, but it does influence your gaming experience.

Consider how you would like to play and where. Mobile gaming has considerably risen in popularity over the years as more and more users have found mobile casinos a fun alternative – as well as a supplement – to online casinos.

Check Out the Casino’s History

A casino’s history is an excellent way to see if the site operator has been conducting business successfully over the years and if players are happy. We report this information and other details that can be useful to you when choosing a casino.

All UK online casinos have to make ownership information and historic details publicly available so people are well informed when choosing a platform. Most users skim this information at best, but you’re gambling with real money. It’s worth taking a moment to check all the details.

Look at the Casino’s Game Selection

Online casinos succeed or fail on the basis of game selection. If a site doesn’t provide fun games that people enjoy playing, there’s little reason for players to stick around. When you choose a casino website, look for one that offers the games you enjoy.

Mobile Support & App Availability

Casinos have been among the first websites to offer mobile versions suitable for playing on a cell phone or other mobile device. Most casino sites work on mobile platforms, and the top UK casinos provide apps for multiple mobile operating systems.

We consider app availability and mobile support a big plus. Casinos that go out of their way to make their services available on mobile devices earn higher places in our rankings because it demonstrates a commitment to providing service when and where users want it. If you prefer desktop gambling, then your ranking may be different from ours.

Pick Well-Regulated & Licensed Casinos

When you play casino games you’re gambling with real money. Government agencies help protect you by regulating and licensing gambling sites. Every site you find listed here meets basic requirements for licensure in the UK and observes rigorous British operating regulations. If you’re looking to learn more, check out our reviews of individual casino sites.

Familiarise Yourself With the Casino’s Terms

The casino’s operating terms and conditions can directly influence your playing experience and even your chance of winning on the site. For example, most terms and conditions related to bonuses include a requirement that you roll over the bonus you receive 30 or even 60 times before you can withdraw your funds.

The best online casinos will make this information readily available and easily accessible. Terms on bonuses and bonus rollovers are an excellent example of why you should familiarise yourself with all of the casino’s policies before playing.

Manual Flush Availability

Depending on your gambling habits, casinos offering manual flushes may be a good choice for you. Some UK casino sites offer manual flushing, a mechanism that lets you move your funds into a holding area until withdrawals are processed. This is a way of reinforcing your willpower. The funds you’ve decided to withdraw and locked away, and you can continue to amble only with what’s left in your account.

We think this is a good indicator that the casino looks after its patrons and isn’t solely concerned with making more money.

Get Familiar with the Casino’s Payment Methods

The top online casino sites offer a wide variety of payment methods, which may be something you want to take into account. Most players prefer to pay with credit or debit cards, but sites have begun to support PayPal, cryptocurrencies, wire transfer, and other mechanisms. We think a casino operator that makes more payment methods available is showing that it cares about players.

Anything Else?

We have developed a list of the most important factors for rating online casinos, and our professional testers have used those criteria in in-depth testing to create rankings and reviews. Need more information? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

Common Misconceptions About Online Casinos

Online casinos are a taboo subject in many circles due to misconceptions people have about them. Real casino players know that online casinos are a legitimate way to gamble and that they can stand side-by-side with any brick-and-mortar casino. Some people hold outmoded negative opinions about online casino websites, however. That’s why we shed some light on the topic and address some of the more common misconceptions.

Common Misconception: “Online Casinos Are Usually Not Legitimate”

Considering the legal obstacles online casinos overcome to get registered and licensed, there is no call to question their legitmacy. UK casinos that operate online are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and all of the casinos we review and recommend are licensed and operate in a legitimate manner.

Common Misconception: “You Can’t Win Big Playing Online Casinos”

Jackpots are not exclusive to traditional casinos, and winning big is not a rare occurrence online. In fact, casino sites in the UK tend to offer bigger rewards overall – plus, they provide higher chances of winning compared to traditional gambling. Return-to-player percentages for online slots, for example, are higher than those of traditional slot machines like the ones you find at local casinos and gambling parlors.

Common Misconception: “Using Bonuses Reduces Your Chances of Winning”

The best casinos online are always competing with each other by offering better bonuses with fair roll-over policies and payout conditions. However, when large bonuses are at stake, people tend to be sceptical.

Our researchers have discovered no evidence that bonuses are recognised separately by casino’gaming algorithms. Bonuses are literally, as the name suggests, bonus funds that you can play with normally. An online gambling program isn’t programmed to differentiate between deposited funds and bonus funds.

There is some truth to the notion that bonuses sometimes disappoint, however. The top online casinos find the best ways to make money, and when they offer a bonus they generally hedge their bets with roll-over policies, requiring that you make several times the amount of the bonus in winnings before you can withdraw your funds. If you win a big jackpot, you’ll most likely cover this and be able to withdraw your funds right away, but casinos know most gamblers will keep playing, spend their bonuses, and deposit more.

Common Misconception: “Casinos Online Lack a Variety of Payment Options”

Today’s online casinos offer payment options to suit all players. Players have more options to select than ever before, from PayPal to Bitcoin and beyond.

Casino Review Summaries

Bet365 Casino

Bet365 stands at the top of the list of outstanding online casino sites. It is an exceptional gambling platform that caters to a wide audience with support for new games and plenty of old favourites. This well-built, solid platform suited for both new and experienced players. Bet365’s customer support operation deserves special mention as a leading example of professionalism and customer-centric service.

Key Benefits:
Licensed by the UKGC and the Gibraltar Government
Multiple Country Support & Accepted Currencies
Outstanding Live Chat & Customer Support
Great User Experience and Interface
A Well-Established Operator
Fast Withdrawal Processing
Great Loyalty Scheme
Great Bonuses


Party Casino

Party Casino is one of the best UK online casinos and a major name in the industry. The casino’s long track record and outstanding game selection deserve special mention. The casino’s well-designed, user-friendly interface is enhanced by the quality of game software and promotions on offer.

Key Benefits:
Licensed by the UKGC and Government of Gibraltar
A Well-Established Operator
Outstanding Bonus Offers
Easy Banking Solutions
Huge Game Selection
Outstanding Support
Great User Interface


William Hill Casino

The name William Hill needs no introduction in UK gambling circles. This gaming giant has been operating for nearly a century, offering players exciting new ways to play and win for many decades. Today, players can enjoy one of the best online casino sites and some of the best game titles from the most recognised developers in the industry.

Key Benefits:
400+ Game Titles to Choose From
Licensed by the UKGC and Government of Gibraltar
Great Bonuses and Promotions
A Well-Established Operator
Outstanding User Interface
A Dedicated Team
Great Support


32Red Casino

32Red has received numerous awards since 2002, including  ‘The Casino of The Decade’ by Casino Meister and accolades for ‘The Best Customer Service’ and ‘Best Casino Group’. Today, the company offers a vast game selection and amazing bonus offers. 32Red belongs near the top of any ‘10 best online casinos’ list.

Key Benefits:
Outstanding VIP and loyalty schemes
Great 32Red mobile casino
A well-established brand
Excellent game selection
Great customer support
Fun bonus offers
Quality interface


888 Casino

Gaming giant 888 is one of the most popular online casinos not just in the UK, but worldwide. The 888 brand encompasses everything related to online gaming and gambling. From the casino’s overall look-and-feel to the details of their terms and conditions, everything seems well-polished and suited for all kinds of players. Anyone and everyone can find something to enjoy at 888.

Key Benefits:
A well-established gambling platform
Excellent promotions and bonuses
Licensed by the UKGC and Government of Gibraltar
Great game selection
Great VIP system
Great live casino


21 Casino

Although it was founded in 2015, 21 Casino is one of the most reliable platforms we have tested. An effective design, logical site layout, and huge collection of games rank the casino near the top of our list. Newcomers are welcomed with a bonus, regulars are pampered with loyalty points, and the constant rotation of promotional offers guarantees that this site will continue rewarding players for months and years of exciting gambling.

Key benefits:
Vast game selection
Rewarding loyalty program
Elegant site layout
Plenty of banking options
Licenced by the UKGC


Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes is a well-known name in the gambling industry with over a century of history providing gaming services in the UK. The company now caters to an international audience and offers a full gambling experience, including casino, sportsbook, bingo, slots and poker. The casino’s huge games roster is sure to provide something for casual players and high rollers alike.

Key Benefits:

Licensed by the UKGC and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner
A diverse range of casino, bingo, poker & sports betting bonuses
Available for players from 20+ accepted countries
Excellent customer support
Attractive banking options and limits
Huge game selection


Pink Casino

Pink Casino is operated by LeoVegas, the Swedish mobile gambling company. While it is targeted toward the fairer sex, all of the site’s features, including the no-deposit-required bonus, are available to everyone. This site can and should be considered by every online gambler. Read all about the promotional offers and much, much more in the full review.

Key Benefits:

Aesthetically pleasing layout
Helpful customer support
Authenticated fairness
Good game selection
No deposit bonus


Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casinos is one of Britain’s oldest and most popular casinos. The website features a diverse selection of both classic and exclusive titles with a wide range of stakes and prizes. Grosvenor offers five casino bonuses and 11 everyday challenges for live casino enthusiasts. Members who want to play on the go can download mobile apps that bring both the regular casino and live casino games onto their phone. Finally, the website employs a helpful customer support team and boasts comprehensive security systems for protecting your data and funds.

Key Benefits:

Licensed by the UKGC and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Responsive & Helpful Customer Support
Generous Bonus Offers & Promotions
Notable Game Software Providers
Rewarding VIP Loyalty Benefits
High-End Security
Two Mobile Apps


Party Casino

Built upon improved Starluck Casino’s platform, Party Casino provides an atmosphere that is well worth its name. The casino has a huge games library that is provided by some of the most notable names in the casino software industry. Customers that want a special boost on their game can claim Party Casino’s generous welcome bonus that can get them up to £500 in Bonus funds. If a problem occurs, their live support team is right there to assist you in every way possible. In the end, customers can enjoy their one-of-a-kind VIP offer that brings special bonuses and personalized gambling experience.

Key Benefits:

A Well-Established Operator
Outstanding Bonus Offers
Easy Banking Solutions
Licenced By The UKGC
Huge Game Selection
Outstanding Support
Great User Interface


Coral Casino

Coral Casino is a well-known name in the gambling industry, whose tradition goes long before it went online. It is part of one of the UK’s largest betting companies, the Gala Coral Group. Coral provides a great gaming experience for its users, thanks to the collection developed by world’s top software companies such as Playtech, Evolution Gaming and others. Its users can enjoy the most favorite slot games like Age of Gods and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven, as well as premium online blackjack and roulette games. The platform meets high safety and security criteria, which is proven by RNG certificates verified by TST and other accredited bodies.

Key Benefits:

Thorough information about security, privacy, and fairness
Games provided by the world’s leading gaming companies
Available for mobile and desktop
Well-established operator
Great graphics and music



Are online casinos legal?

Online casinos are 100% legal in the UK. They are well regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which ensures fairness and player protection. Online gambling may not be legal in your place of residence if it’s outside the UK. Check local laws before gambling.

Are there any online casinos that accept PayPal?

Yes, many online casinos offer PayPal options. Today’s top casino sites provide a wide growing variety of payment options.

Can casinos cheat?

Online casinos cannot interfere with the outcome of any game on their platforms. Online gambling systems are controlled by random number generators that determine outcomes arbitrarily. In that regard, a jackpot is as much of a surprise for you as it is for the casino.

In addition to technical safeguards, gambling websites are heavily regulated and payouts inspected by government agencies. If an online casino figure out a way to circumvent technical obstacles, the cheating would still be caught by regulators.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

That depends on the casino’s terms and conditions. Because of this, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with these terms before playing so that you’re aware of withdrawal procedures.

Online casino sites usually take some time to process withdrawal requests. Once you have placed a withdrawal request, you must typically wait a few days for the casino to release funds to you. This can take longer the first time, as you may be required to scan and upload copies of government-issued identification and other paperwork to establish your identity.

Are online casino game results really random?

Practically speaking, yes. Because random number generators (RNG) are used across the titles offered by online casinos, UK players can rest assured knowing that they’re protected and that the games will be fair.

Can you help me if a casino didn’t pay out my winnings?

We’ve helped countless players who had payment and other problems with online casinos in the UK. We are always glad to help if we can.

Can you actually win money in online casinos?

UK online casinos are in no way different than brick and mortar casinos. In fact, many online casinos have better return-to-player statistics, meaning that there’s a higher chance to win online compared to traditional casinos.

What is the best online casino?

Finding the best casino for you comes down to your personal preferences. Online casinos vary in game selection, terms and conditions, platform support, and other details. That’s why we write detailed reviews to accompany the rankings here. Check them out to find the perfect operator for you.

What is the best online casino UK?

The leader in the online gambling industry is, without a doubt, the UK. Online casinos in the UK offer a wide range of choices to players across the globe. To find the right casino for you, check out our reviews and focus on the factors that matter to you.

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