About Us

Stefan - About Us“As a passionate gambler myself, I understand how important it is to enjoy the games you play and get that exhilarating feeling of winning big, time and time again. I see gambling as a hobby that can give people sensations of joy which cannot be found anywhere else”.

stefanslist.com was created for this sole purpose – to make gambling fun and accessible to everyone once again while removing the stigma that so often gets attached to this great hobby.

stefanslist.com was a big project for me, not to mention my friends. We wanted to put our many years of experience as passionate gamblers together to create something big and bring you the best online casinos in the UK. The goal was simple and our mission was clear – to create a platform that is, by its very nature, a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything about gambling.

Our team effort helped to create stefanslist.com through a merger of many sites that were, at their time, prized by gamblers from all over the world. We’ve created a platform that features reviews, articles, resources and much more on everything related to gambling, from slots to poker and even crypto gambling.

What We Do

stefanslist.com, is a site that, by operating with transparency, delivers objective reviews of the many different online gambling sites. Our mindset is one of community and honesty, which is something that we believe is lacking in our great hobby.

We want to be the first to outright say what’s on our minds and deliver the information that matters to you in a direct way. Our reviews and critiques are 100% honest, and everything we review and score we play-tested ourselves.

With a team of dedicated gamblers and reviewers, nothing slips through our fingers, and we believe that every online casino needs to be put to the test by the community so that you as a player know exactly where you’re depositing your cash.

Our Ultimate Goal

We want to create a community of passionate gamblers who are not afraid to share their experiences and help others who are getting into the hobby. With this in mind, everything we do is done with the player in mind. We don’t want to be one of those review sites that offers ‘exclusive’ deals based on the money they’ve received from a casino and, in doing so, recommend something that isn’t friendly towards players.

We know that the only way to create a true community is to be brutally honest so that you can rely on our opinion and make choices you won’t come to regret in the future. Our goal is to create a platform, a ‘gambling hub’ if you will, that brings players from all over the world together with one shared goal – to simply enjoy gambling.

We’re just a group of passionate gamblers who want to create something useful and resourceful for our fellow players. stefanslist.com is, in that regard, run by the very same people you always talk to about your winnings, losses and gambling adventures.

All of our writers, reviewers and players are just as passionate about gambling as the next guy, and our shared goal is to make this platform fun and useful for you, the player.

Gambling Awareness

With everything we’ve said thus far, we want to also mention that we understand the potential downsides and perils of the gambling hobby. We understand that many people suffer as a result of gambling and we fully support all forms of guidance and help that organisations such as GamCare and BeGambleAware offer.

We want to share our gambling experiences with everyone while promoting responsible gambling and an understanding of the potential difficulties that gambling may bring to individuals, their relatives and their friends. With that in mind, we want to stress the fact that we only support responsible gambling conducted by adults and on legal platforms. We implore everyone to only gamble with money they’re willing to lose and we advise everyone to never expect to win or rely on winnings to cover a previous loss.

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