About Us

As an avid gambler myself, I deeply understand the importance of finding joy in the games we play and experiencing the thrill of winning big, time and time again. For me, gambling is more than just a pastime; it’s a hobby that offers unparalleled sensations of excitement and satisfaction.

Stefanslist.com was born from this passion – a dedicated effort to make gambling enjoyable and accessible to all while breaking down the stigma often associated with this beloved hobby.

The creation of Stefanslist.com was a significant endeavor for me and my friends, pooling together our years of experience as passionate gamblers to offer the best online casino experiences in the UK. Our mission was clear: to establish a comprehensive platform that serves as a “one-stop shop” for all things related to gambling.

Our collective effort culminated in Stefanslist.com, a platform merging numerous sites revered by gamblers worldwide. Here, you’ll find reviews, articles, resources, and more covering everything from slots to poker and even crypto gambling.

Our Mission

At Stefanslist.com, transparency is paramount as we provide objective reviews of various online gambling sites. Our ethos revolves around community and honesty, values we believe are essential in our cherished hobby.

We are unapologetically forthright in expressing our thoughts and delivering pertinent information directly to you. Every review and critique is conducted with utmost honesty, based on firsthand play-testing by our dedicated team of gamblers and reviewers.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to foster a community of passionate gamblers unafraid to share their experiences and support newcomers to the hobby. With this goal in mind, everything we do is geared towards the player’s benefit.

Unlike some review sites that prioritize lucrative deals over player-friendly recommendations, we remain committed to brutal honesty. We aspire to build a genuine community where players worldwide can come together to simply enjoy gambling.

What We Do

Stefanslist.com is operated by a group of avid gamblers who share a common desire to create a valuable and informative resource for fellow players. Our writers, reviewers, and players are all equally passionate about gambling and dedicated to making this platform enjoyable and useful for you, the player.

Gambling Awareness

While we celebrate the joys of gambling, we also acknowledge its potential downsides. We recognize that gambling can lead to hardships for some individuals and fully support organizations like GamCare and BeGambleAware, which provide guidance and assistance.

We advocate for responsible gambling, emphasizing the importance of adult participation on legal platforms. It’s crucial to gamble only with disposable income and to never rely on winnings to cover losses.