Infographic: 20 Lucky Lottery Winner Stories

Winning the lottery is so rare that, when it happens, the story behind the lucky individual simply has to be shared. These lottery winner stories are stories of great joy and most of us simply can’t avoid imagining ourselves in the winner’s shoes. Every time a new winner comes along, pretty much the whole world wishes to hear the tale.

Most people want to know what life after winning the lottery looks like – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of incredibly lucky individuals to share with you, along with their winning stories.

Stories such as these also boost our own confidence and show us that winning the lottery is actually possible. However, some of these tales could also be classified as horror stories that show some potential downsides and things most people don’t expect when thinking about the lottery.
Nonetheless, stories of the people who won the lottery are interesting to read about, which is why we at want to share both sides of the coin to give our readers a complete picture. So without further ado, here’s our infographic on 20 lucky lottery winner stories!

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