Infographic: Games in Spades – 70 Stats About Most Popular Online Casino Games


Online gambling is slowly becoming one of the most profitable entertainment industries. Gamblers don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home to enjoy some of the best online casino games. The industry itself is on a sharp rise both when it comes to revenue and the number of customers served. Today, online gambling accounts for roughly 50% of media and entertainment industry revenue and the number is expected to rise even more. yangın algılama sistemleri

There's practically no difference between how an online casino and its traditional land-based counterpart work, apart from the physical nature of brick and mortar businesses. Both host a variety of games and profit from a built-in statistical advantage known as a ¨House Edge”, which ensures a small but steady profit necessary for operating a casino. erotik film

The House Edge differs from game to game, but traditionally Keno, Slots, and Roulette are the games with the biggest House Edge because they can yield great prizes. Although Bingo probably has the oldest online presence, online gamblers today prefer betting sites and poker, which is quite obvious when you see some of the biggest online gambling companies.  Currently, the most popular gambling company is Bet365 that serves more than 25 million customers around the world, and it's followed by the Stars Group, the most popular online Poker platform.

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