Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

In order to keep the site going, we use an affiliate system that allows us to earn revenue without impacting the level of quality and honesty you’ve come to expect from our reviews.

In order to write objective reviews that are in line with our mission and goal to create valuable resources for fellow gamblers, we have to be ready to play-test all the platforms we come across.

This means that we have to deposit our own funds in order to play on each site so that we can truly appreciate the pros and cons of each, while being able to write objective and transparent reviews.

The affiliate system we use also allows us to create a great site experience for our visitors since we don’t rely on ads to make money. Our only goal is to provide valuable, community-driven content that isn’t interrupted by ads or promotions, and the affiliate system we use allows us to do that.

How Does the Affiliate System Work?

First and foremost, we don’t ask for monetary compensation of any kind. Our bills are paid through affiliate marketing. Every time you visit one of the gambling websites through an affiliate link on our website, we get a small commission from our partners.

It’s also important to note that we become affiliated with a gambling site only after we’ve written a review. In other words, our reviews are NOT paid, monetised or in any other way influenced by the casino or gambling site in question.

The affiliate system exists so that we don’t have to rely on other forms of revenue generation such as paid reviews to pay our bills, and it ensures that everything you come across on this site is what we at truly stand behind.

Become a Contributor!

With us, becoming a contributor is 100% free, safe and secure. We have a strict policy on personal information safety, and we won’t share anything you disclose to us. Furthermore, becoming a contributor is a great way for you to reduce reliance on ads and still get the influence you want – all we ask for is your permission and affiliate link.

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